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how to change the whatsapp theme (Whatsapp GB)  .

how to change the whatsapp theme (Whatsapp GB) .

Change your borring whatsapp theme to a cool theme .
this trick completely change your whtsapp ‘s look and feel.

You know that whtsapp not release a update that provide us a option to change the theme
but here a whatsapp app version who providing this option and many other options .

App name is Whatsapp GB .

Whatsapp GB .

Whatsapp gb is a clone of whatsapp who providing us many extra features . This app is good to being a cool person in front of your friends .


Features(Pros) of Whatsapp GB.

1- Whatsapp gb come with extra features.

it has a large list of features.

2- Change your whatsapp theme –

whatsapp gb has a option to change whatsapp theme completely And convert
your whatsapp in a cool app.


3- Large theme Database-

Whatsapp GB has a large theme database that give you freedom to choose your favorite theme
from thousands of best themes.


4- Autoreply Feature –

Whatsapp GB come with auto reply feature . This feature is best for busy people .


5- Whatsapp Account –

You can use your real whatsapp account on whatsapp gb. Means you can use old account
in whatsapp gb no need of new account.


6- Dual whatsapp –

you can use two whatsapp account in your smartphone one is Simple whatsapp and second is
Whatsapp gb account .


7- Custmize theme –

You can custmize whatsapp gb theme as you want. Change colour of chats , header , footer , buttons ,
And many more.


Cons Of Whatsapp GB.

It is not available on playstore i don’t know why.
but you can also download it from websites.


How to Use Whatsapp GB .

You can use whatsapp gb as you use simple whatsapp.

1- Download whatsapp gb .

2- Install and Open Whatsapp GB.

3- Than fill your phone number .

4- Done now use Whatsapp GB.


If you want know more about whatsapp GB than you Use Google .

IF you Have any questions and doubt about this post than comment the question and i will give you answer in 24hr.



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